Welcome to the company with more than 20 years of tradition.

Our history began in 1996, when my father founded the company Transport Sirk s.p. When we have outgrown the original organization structure, I founded the company T.L.Sirk d.o.o in 2005.

We offer a complete service in one place to our clients. Most of our business activities are carried out for the automotive industry, which requires highest standards of quality and in which we achieved the highest possible rating (we are a supplier with an A rating). Just in Time delivery is our daily activity.

Transport by road is carried out with our own fleet of trucks and if bigger volume of trucks is needed, we use well-trained and checked sub-contractors if needed.

In Koper and Obrežje, where we have our own business unit, we offer freight forwarding services.

Our development is based on quality, flexibility and teamwork.


Head manager

Andrej Sirk



Company ID card

Company T.L.Sirk Transport Logistika Sirk d.o.o.
Abbreviated name T.L.Sirk d.o.o.
Head office: Cesta dveh cesarjev 393, SI-1000 Ljubljana
VAT number: SI21255644
Registration no of the company: 2148072
Phone: +386 (0)1 781 22 00
Fax: +386 (0)1 781 22 06
Transaction bank account: SI56 1010 0004 8678 184 ( Banka Koper d.d.)
SI56 3000 0000 7820 855( Sberbank d.d.)
SI56 0297 0025 5773 354 ( NLB d.d.)
Employees: Medium
Legal representative: Andrej Sirk
Taxpayer: Yes
Basic line of business/Activity code: H 49.410 Cestni tovorni promet
Date of entry of the company into the Court register: 06.09.2005
The registry authority: Okrožno sodišče Novo mesto
Serial number of the entry: Srg 2005/00575
Legal form of the company: Limited liability company l.l.c.
Share capital: 679.223,00 EUR

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