Customs clearance

Customs clearance for everything

"If you want to export or import any kind of cargo from third countries, which are not in the EU, our TLS business units in Obrežje and Koper can take care of all the legal documents necessary for the export or import of cargo to Slovenia or other countries of the EU. "


We can represent you in all administrative procedures, because all our employees have licenses for representation in customs matters. We can also arrange all the necessary documentation for cargo for which sanitary and veterinary inspections are required. You can also rely on our advice for the fastest and simplest process in all procedures of customs representation.




This is a Certificate on movement of goods, which is issued by us on the basis of proof of preferential origin of cargo. The Certificate is used to export cargo at the value of over 6.000,00 €. Up to this value, a simple declaration by the exporter on the invoice, the content of which is prescribed, is satisfactory.

IM 40 and IM 42

These are import procedures for a release of cargo to free market circulation. Procedure 42 allows to release the cargo to free market circulation to the recipient, established in another EU Member State. In this procedure, VAT is payable by the recipient in another Member State and customs duties are charged at the import, the same as in the Procedure 40.



IM42 dok. IM40 dok.

T1 and T2

These are customs documents for internal and external transit procedure of cargo in Community, which we, by the NCTS system, prepare for you.

T2 dok. T1 dok.

T2L document

This is the document of evidence of the Community status of the cargo in case of crossing third countries when returning back into the EU, which is prepared for you in our business unit.

T2L dokument


This is a document for customs procedure of export of cargo from the EU, which we provide for you, for all EU exporters, who have registered EORI number.

EX dokument


Are documents for the declaration of security data of consignments on entry or exit of cargo to and from the EU.

ECS dok. ICS dok.

Business units

In our business unit Koper and Obrežje, we can arrange everything concerning export-import procedures in and from Slovenia or in or from other members of the EU or in or from third countries.

BU Obrežje

Obrežje 79

SI-8261 Jesenice na Dolenjskem


T: +386 7 49 95 000


BU Koper

Vojkovo nabrežje 32

SI-6000 Koper


T: +386 8 16 01 036


A trustworthy company



procedures we perform for you and only 5 are payable.


hours a day, we are available to our customers.


is the monthly number of export safety announcements.


minutes is the average time needed to carry out an import, export or transit procedure.


is the procedure for a release of cargo for free market circulation.


different customs procedures are successfully completed each year.

Process and Customs clearance options

Customs services

At Obrežje, Gruškovje or at the Port of Koper, we conduct customs clearance or introduce it into the transit procedure and continue transportation to the final destination.

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