Road transport

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"Reliable, high-quality and affordable transportation is our motive in conducting all of transport services we provide.. Due to our awareness of the importance of safety and environmental responsibility, we provide transport with our most modern EURO 6 emission standard vehicles."


Our logistics office in Ljubljana, with the support of CVS satellite navigation, conducts constant supervision of the transport of your cargo. We operate mainly in the supply chain in the OEM sector, therefore flexibility and adaptability together with a fast response time, are a part of our daily lives. At the same time, we also offer comprehensive logistics solutions (transhipment, cross-docking, warehousing and freight forwarding services), which we developed to meet the needs of key customers in the automotive industry, industry for domestic appliances and furniture industry.



Transport of pallet cargo

We provide this service throughout EU. This service is also provided together with our partner companies for the Balkan region and Turkey.  

Steel coils transport

The trailers of our trucks are equipped for the transport of all types of steel coils for the automotive industry as well as construction industry.

High volume transport

We can transport up to 120 m3 of cargo at the desired destination with a single high volume road train.

Transport of dangerous cargo

Most of our vehicles are equipped to transport ADR cargo.

Transport of containers

We provide services for the transport of all types of containers out of all North Adriatic ports for the entire EU. We can also provide customs services at the same time.



Our smaller vehicles, which are adapted to serve our customers, allow us local distribution and emergency transportations throughout the EU.

A trustworthy company



experienced, reliable and professional drivers.


countries in which we offer road transport.


Insurance coverage of your cargo during the transport.


modern vehicles with EURO 6 emission standard engine.


is the code for ADR dangerous cargo, which we transport the most.

Companies transport fleet

Companies transport fleet includes all kind of vehicles, which are adapted to different needs of our customers.


H: 3m L: 13.6m W: 2.45m

For international transport services and for up to 26 T or 100 m3 of cargo.

Road train

H: 3m L: 15.4m W: 2.45m

For international transport services and for up to 24 T or 120 m3 of cargo.

Solo truck

H: 3m L: 7m W: 2.45m

For distribution services and for up to 7 T or 50 m3 of cargo.


H: 2.8m L: 6m W: 2.4m

For distribution services and for up to 3.5 T or 35 m3 of cargo.


H: 1.8m L: 5m W: 1.3m

For distribution and express shipment services and for up to 1 T or 15 m3 cargo.

CVS Mobile

"All our vehicles have built-in CVS satellite monitoring, which ensures traceability of all shipments in real time. At the same time, it allows us full control over the operation of the vehicle."

Process and the possibilities of road transport


Cargo, which is stored in our facility in Ljubljana


to the desired destination


out or to the Port of Koper by container vessel.

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